What we do?

We use the latest technology in what is known as virtual archaeology and apply it to archaeology and cultural heritage for both scientific and dissemination purposes.

Our fields of expertise:

3D reconstruction and visualisation

We are specialists in the design of virtual environments of the past through 3D modelling and digital illustration techniques to produce illustrations, infographics, animations and immersive experiences.

“Reconstruction art is the attempt by an artist to visualise scenes from the past almost as though the artist themselves were there drawing what they saw before them.”

Judith Dobie

How is a virtual reconstruction developed?

We cooperate closely with teams and professionals involved in the project and carry out the research activities to produce a consistent archaeological interpretation, always making sure that the results are valid from a scientific point of view.

All available sources are taken into account, from written sources to archaeological excavation reports, geophysics, 3D documentation, ethnography and historical analogies. With this information, we present one or more virtual hypotheses that will be the base of the 3D reconstruction or visualisation.

What do we do with the generated 3D models?

Depending on the needs of each project, it is possible to use the generated 3D models to produce 2D illustrations and infographics, animations and even real-time virtual environments to develop VR and AR Apps.

3D documentation

Via digital photogrammetry, both terrestrial and aerial, we document in detail, 3D archaeological and cultural heritage goods.

Throughout digital documentation, it is possible to generate what is known as a “digital twin”, a detailed virtual copy of an object, architectural asset, archaeological site or landscape. These digital twins allow not only to safeguard a good but also to conduct an in-depth analysis of it.

Apart from the 3D documentation itself, we also optimised the generated 3D models. For this, we use 3D art industry state of the art workflows that allow us to work smoothly with those models and publish them on different web platforms.

We also generate all kinds of outputs related to dissemination: 2D plans, 3D detailed models, audiovisual content or 3D viewers.

  • 3D documentation of assets (archaeological artifacts, works of art).
  • 3D documentation of immovable property (monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes).

Using photogrammetry, we produce 3D digital twins of archaeological artefacts, movable assets and artistic works with a high level of detail and ready for any kind of output and application

Combining terrestrial and aerial (with drone photography) photogrammetry, we 3D register any type of monument, both in exterior and interior. With this digital documentation, we produce from ground and elevation plans for topographic purposes to fully functional 3D models to in-depth analysis and dissemination: 3D online viewers, renders, etc.

3D printing

We produce 3D printed models of archaeological and cultural heritage assets, both through 3D documentation and 3D modelling.

According to the needs of the object, we apply different solutions to generate from large scale to small, detailed models.

Meet our 3D printing technologies:

  • Filament (FDM).
  • Resin (SLA) for high accuracy.
  • Large scale.
  • Realistic texturing.

Filament (FDM) 3D printing for high quality and reduced costs 3D models.

Models 3D printed using resin (SLA) for the best results, even for smaller objects.

Large scale 3D printing for mockup models.

In order to imprint more realism on the model, we also apply painting techniques to it.

Virtual and augmented reality

Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences for both mobile devices and fixed stations. We take care of the whole process, producing the 3D content as well as the software development and hardware installation when needed.

  • VR and AR Apps
  • Immersive experiences with VR goggles.
  • Online Virtual Tours.

Don’t know where to begin?
No problem. We accompany and advise you throughout the whole project!