Virtual reconstruction of a Bronze Age domestic space


  • 3D reconstruction

The Motilla del Retamar is an archaeological site dating from La Mancha Bronze Age and located in Argamasilla de Alba (Ciudad Real, Spain). It was erected on the riverbed of the Guadiana River and consists of two walled enclosures and a small tower.

Virtual reconstruction of the so-called Corte A (Trench A) at the Motilla del Retamar.

In the southeast area of this Motilla, between the first and second wall enclosures, the Corte A or Trench A is located. This area of the site has been interpreted as a domestic and manufacturing space where lots of archaeological artifacts such as ceramic pots, stone mills, and other objects, all of them connected to food production and storage.


For this project, a 3D model generated through photogrammetry has been used as a basis for the virtual reconstruction, including the archaeological interpretation and 3D reconstruction of both architectural remains and archaeological artifacts. That is the case of this ceramic pot:

Similarly, we designed these 3 digital characters in detail to provide the scene with more credibility and liveliness:

This video shows a small breakdown of the 3D reconstruction workflow:

This 3D reconstruction has been funded by the ‘La motilla de El Retamar’ (ref.: SBPLY/21/180801/000029) project.

Scientific advice: Luis Benítez de Lugo Enrich.

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