The fortified village of Peñaflor


  • 3D documentation
  • 3D reconstruction

The Medieval village of Peñaflor, located at the Castillón hill (Villanueva de los Infantes, Ciudad Real, Spain), is a hilltop settlement dated from the 13th Century, a time when the Campo de Montiel region represented a dangerous frontier between Muslim and Christian forces of the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, some of the communities that repopulated the area fortified their hilltop villages in case of unexpected attacks.

The aim of this project, led by Proyecto Arqueológico Entorno Jamila, is to visualize a virtual reconstruction hypothesis to better understand the site and present it to society. For this, all available sources were used such as archaeological excavation, 3D documentation of the terrain using drones and photogrammetry, written sources, ethnography and historical analogies.

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