Iberian granary of Alarcos


  • 3D documentation
  • 3D reconstruction

Located in Sector III of the Archaeological Park of Alarcos (Poblete, Ciudad Real, Spain), on the southern slopes of the hill, a building of tremendous dimensions which dates from Iron Ages times and interpreted as a granary was found.

After years of archaeological excavation, a 3D documentation of this sector was carried out, which permitted us to produce a georeferenced model that served as a basis for the later 3D reconstruction of the building.

To design the 3D reconstruction, we presented a virtual hypothesis in collaboration with the research team of UCLM, including a volumetric outline of the granary, detailed construction elements and everyday objects found at the excavation.

The generated infographics are also part of the last publication about this archaeological site El cerro de Alarcos (Ciudad Real): Formación y desarrollo de un oppidum ibérico: 20 años de excavaciones arqueológicas en el Sector III.

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