Carnuntum App


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Carnuntum App is an Android and iOS App that has been developed for the Archaeological Park of Carnuntum (Lower Austria). It includes 360 visualizations of architectural remains such as the forum, amphitheatre, city wall or the villa urbana, among others, which can be visualized in both VR and AR, including a stereoscopic view for 3D googles.

The latest update of the App comes with a 3D viewer for archaeological artefacts. These 3D objects are derived from laser scan data-sets which geometry has been optimized and textured using PBR materials.

From Torrejón Estudio, part of the content for the App was produced for both 3D reconstructions of architectural features and archaeological objects. The software, as well as the content, have been developed by the team of 7reasons Medien in collaboration with Römerstadt Carnuntum, LBI ArchPro, IKANT and Kultur Niederösterreich.

Carnuntum App for Android.

Carnuntum App for iOs.

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