3D reconstruction of a Bronze Age Warrior


  • 3D reconstruction

3D reconstruction of a Bronze Age warrior based upon the archaeological finds of the Motilla de El Retamar archaeological site.

The halberd, which possibly has an Argar Culture origin, was found in the Trench A of the Motilla de El Retamar. It represents the first metal tool strictly designed for practicing interpersonal violence in La Mancha Bronze Age Culture. Anthropological analysis carried out in other archaeological sites of the same period -such as Motilla del Azuer- indicates that this halberd would be accompanied by secondary weapons such as knives or daggers.

All the elements included in this digital illustration have been modeled in 3D using the original archaeological artifacts as a reference, always by the scientific supervision of the experts involved in the project.

This 3D reconstruction has been funded by the ‘La motilla de El Retamar’ (ref.: SBPLY/21/180801/000029) project.

Scientific advice: Luis Benítez de Lugo Enrich.

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