3D print of a Medieval city – Feldkich


  • 3D printing

The history of Feldkich (Voralberg, Austria) begins in Medieval times when it was founded in the Ill river valley, almost surrounded by forests and rocky cliffs. Its strategic location near the Alberg passes made Feldkirch a highly fortified city in Middle Ages.

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of its foundation, in 2018 an exhibition about the history of the city was inaugurated at the Liechtenstein Palace, built in 1700. Among the interactive and audiovisual content, we produced a 3D printed model of 150 x 150 cm that shows how the city should have looked like in Medieval times. For this, and under the guidance of local historians with access to written sources of this period, we proposed a 3D reconstruction of the city in collaboration with 7reasons Medien GmbH.

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