3D documentation and virtual reality for ethnographic heritage


  • 3D documentation
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

3D documentation, virtual reconstruction, and Virtual Reality experience for the ethnographic heritage: the Molino de Samuel, a water mill located in Monleras, a small town in Salamanca (Spain).

This water mill holds the name of its last owner, who abandoned it around 1950. At the beginning of the 21st Century, this water mill was reconstructed by the town hall and some volunteers. Nowadays, it is fully functional and can be visited.

For the 3D documentation of the building and its landscape more than 1.500 photographs were taken, both terrestrial and aerial, which were later processed through digital photogrammetry in Reality Capture.

The inside of the building is closed most of the time, so it cannot be visited. For this reason, we developed a virtual reality, online experience using mobile devices. This allows the visitors to visualize the interior of the building as it would look like in the past, as it presents a 3D reconstruction together with some additional text that describes the water-mill mechanism.

To do this, a Web App was developed (which can be downloaded for free here) in cooperation with Myou Software. By scanning a QR Code located at the entrance (or just typing the URL), the virtual reality experience is launched on any mobile device.

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